August 21, 2012

Please keep your cats inside!

Top Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors Many cat lovers are now savvy that indoor cats are safer cats, while others still think that cats deserve freedom […]
August 16, 2012

Feline Diabetes

Great website on feline diabetes!
August 13, 2012

99 Fun Facts About Dogs

All dogs can be traced back 40 million years ago to a weasel-like animal called the Miacis which dwelled in trees and dens. The Miacis later […]
August 6, 2012

9 of the “Weirdest” Cat Breeds!

Cat breeds labeled weird. What do you think? We think they’re all adorable!
August 6, 2012

10 Weirdest (But CUTE!) Dog Breeds

Some of the weirdest dog breeds!  While some are popular there are definately some we haven’t heard of let alone,  seen!! Check them out!
July 23, 2012

How To Know If Your Pet Is Ill

How Do You Know if Your Pet is Sick? Prevention is the medicine. Have your pet fully vaccinated every year; supervise your pet; and provide your […]
July 23, 2012

Hyperthyroidism In Felines

Hyperthyroidism in Cats What is hyperthyroidism? Hyperthyroidism is a very common disease afflicting primarily middle-aged and older cats. Also called thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism is caused by an […]
July 2, 2012

4th of July Pets!

Check out these pets showing off their red, white and blue!!!
June 25, 2012

4th of July Pet Safety