• Dr. Danois Salas
    Dr. Danois Salas Veterinarian

    Veterinarian, Owner, Surgical Lead

    Dr. Salas is the owner of TLC Pet Hospital. He purchased the hospital in July 2005. Undergraduate degree from NMSU, Veterinary degree from CSU. He is married with 3 beautiful daughters. Enjoys traveling and watching or playing soccer.

    Medical Interests:

    Dermatology. Orthopedic surgery. Enjoys helping to lengthen the time between parent and pet bond.
    Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional

  • Dr. Long
    Dr. Long Medical Director

    Dr. Long is an Albuquerque native. Dr. Long attended UNM and earned a degree in Biology before attending Colorado State University for Veterinary school. Dr. Long graduated in 2010 and moved back to Albuquerque in 2011.  Dr. Long is an avid reader and loves movies, popcorn and drinking tea. Dr. Long and her husband, Joel, enjoy traveling and spending time in the mountains.

    Medical Interests:
    Preventative medicine. Diagnostic imaging. Dermatology.

    Why I like to work at TLC:

    “I have worked in a lot of veterinary hospitals over the years – very large ones, and very small ones. And I can say without a doubt – TLC is hands down the best clinic I have ever worked for. This team is amazing ya’ll, and I can’t imagine going to work every day with anyone else. The care and passion they have for our clients and patients is unparalleled, and I am honored to call this group people my teammates.”
    Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional

  • Dr. Harris
    Dr. Harris Veterinarian

    Dr. Harris grew up in Albuquerque, NM. She went to UNM and graduated with a degree in biology and chemistry. Following undergraduate studies she attended Michigan State University for Veterinary School. Dr. Harris and her husband, John, enjoy snowboarding, playing soccer and spending time outdoors. They have two chihuahuas, Vinny and Lulu, and a turtle named Humpfrey who keeps life interesting.

    Medical Interests:

    Dentistry, internal medicine, neurology

    Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional

  • Lauren Schafer, DVM
    Lauren Schafer, DVM Veterinarian

    Dr. Schafer grew up in Wisconsin  and attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison for her undergraduate and DVM degrees. In Dr. Schafer’s free time her and her husband, Phil, enjoy traveling, exploring new restaurants and all things outdoors!

    Medical Interests
    Dermatology, nutrition and internal medicine.

    Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional

  • Brianna Brandt, DVM
    Brianna Brandt, DVM Veterinarian

    Dr. Brandt was born and raised in Albuquerque. After studying Animal Science at NMSU, she finished veterinary school at Washington State University in 2018. In her free time she can be found hiking with her dog, Bailey, making pottery, and teaching group fitness classes at Sports and Wellness.

    Medical Interests:

    Soft tissue surgery, internal medicine and ophthalmology.

    Why I like to work at TLC:

    “I like working at TLC because we work as a team to provide excellent care. Everyone is willing to jump in and help each other and we work as one big family. I like having the ability for autonomy in my cases, but also being able to discuss with other doctors to ensure we are providing the best care for our patients.”

    Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional

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  1. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Salas. The evening of July 19th my Miss Molly, my Shih Tzu, was attacked by a dog. The dog took hold of her neck and injured her. While there was no signs of an external injury she sustained internal injuries. As the night went on I was watching her slowly deteriorate. I called two ER hospitals. One was not taking patients and the other had a 10 hour wait. I only had one option and that was to be at our Doctors office when they opened up. They took my girl in with no problem, did x-rays and examined her. It was determined during attack my girl had extreme swelling around her neck and airway. Miss Molly’s airway was the size of a toothpick and she was in critical condition. She was treated with a super anti-inflammatory. Our discharge instructions were obviously to watch her closely, Ice her neck and throat, bed rest (we had to carry to and fro) and give her the prescribed medication. I want to point out that the dog involved with this incident had no prior history of aggression, The other families dog was their baby just like ours. Miss Molly pulled a runner to say hi and let me sniff you out. At first their dog was like hey, let me sniff you out too! It only took a second for this all to change. Dog behavior is never predictable and they are just that…..dogs…. Yes, they rescue us and we rescue them and we develop a furry human bond. The Staff at TLC us beyond exceptional. LOL I would trust them in any situation. They have cared for both of my girls over the years and have been totally spot on with all the diagnosis. I will forever be grateful and trust any of the doctors at TLC. It is so reassuring to know that all the staff (ALL) is caring, compassionate and very competent.

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