April 22, 2014

Dog Sports 101

Do you have a smarty-pants canine? Does your favorite pup need a little extra stimulation or a boost in confidence? Or maybe you’re just interested in […]
March 27, 2014

Veterinary Dental Costs

Why is veterinary dental care costly? Plus tips for the pet owner I am asked why the cost of veterinary dentistry is expensive. It is true […]
March 27, 2014

Canine Heat Stroke

Before you know it, summer will be here! It’s time to start refreshing on your pets safety for the summer. Be sure to read these tips! […]
March 18, 2014

Greyhound Racing

from: http://www.aspca.org/blog/term/matt%27s-blog Stopping animal cruelty is difficult enough when it’s done in secret, but when it happens legally and out in the open, ending it can […]
March 18, 2014

Top 5 Pet Toxins

From ASPCA.org  They recieved calls about toxins to pets and these were the top 5!   1. Prescription Human Medications We handled 24,673 cases regarding human […]
March 7, 2014

Pet Health Checklist

Pet Health Checklist The information contained in this site is not intended to replace a physical examination by a licensed veterinarian. If you think your pet […]
March 7, 2014

Canine Osteoarthritis

CANINE OSTEOARTHRITIS What is it? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative condition affecting the cartilage, bone, and surrounding soft tissues of a joint. In people, it is […]
February 25, 2014

Vaccinating Senior Pets

Maintaining your pet’s vaccinations is very important, as older pets have decreased resistance to disease. During your pet’s senior wellness exam, we will test the current […]
February 25, 2014

Adminstering Eye Meds

Our pets can get eye infections and injuries just like we can, perhaps more often because of their curious nature getting them into trouble at times.  […]