Albuquerque Pet Community Outreach Center

Animal protection is a key responsibility in the Veterinarian practice of medicine. At TLC Pet Hospital, we are dedicated to the service of the Albuquerque pet community and we volunteer with local organizations to insure the health and welfare of Albuquerque’s pet population. We are here for you with these pet resources.

 Help Support PACA! 
PACA is a local rescue organization that has been around for many years They have an excellent misson, and do amazing work for our local animal population. Both of our hospital’s work closely with PACA, helping provide medical care and surgical services.


 Volunteer or Adopt a Pet
We work with several rescue organizations in Albuquerque. NM Animal Friends, NM Greyhound Connection, ACAT, NM Dachsund Rescue, ANEW and the most recent group to join our practices’ is Enchant Mutts!


 Internship Program 
We provide internships for high school students who are doing pre-vet programs through their school. We have the students visit our hospitals as part of their internship program through the local high schools known as CEC (Career Enrichment Center).

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 More Community Outreach 
We also provide tours of both of our hospitals to the middle school students. We participate in the local doggie dashes, etc. We provide donations to some of the local rescue groups for silent auctions, etc.

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The Petroglyphs New Mexico is a website that is for any animal lover!  It is a resource center for finding rescue groups, rehabilitated animals, book reviews, newsletters, etc. Click on the link below to check it out!

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