Carrie Quirk

Hospital Manager

Carrie has been working at both hospitals since November 1993. She has been receptionist, technician, and now our Practice Manager. She has been in the veterinary field for over 25 years. “I started out as a kennel assistant and worked very hard to be in the position I am today. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. I love challenges and every day presents us new ones. ” Carrie is a member of VHMA.  She is married and has two daughters.  In her spare time she likes to play with her children, go camping, and go 4-wheeling.

Why I like to work at TLC:

“TLC is my family. I love working here because we are treated with respect and we all have a voice. It is a fun environment and everyone here makes it enjoyable to come to work everyday.” 


Sarah Ellis

Office Manager

Sarah has been with TLC since 2014. She has two beautiful children and two poodles.  Sarah enjoys reading, being outdoors and spending time with her family.

Medical Interests: Surgeries. General care.

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I enjoy working at TLC because I love being involved with helping pets live a healthy and happy life. I am always learning new things here and expanding my knowledge and ability to help. The TLC staff are also such amazing people that I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”


Vet Assistant and Poodle

Shannon Housman

Practice Manager

Shannon found her place here at TLC Pet Hospital in 2008 and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!  She and her fiancé  have 5 dogs and 3 cats. In her spare time she enjoys console gaming and thanks to her fiancé, she’s an automotive enthusiast. 

Medical Interests: Geriatric care and Surgery 

Why I like to work at TLC: “I found my home away from home at TLC Pet Hospital over 10 years ago. They support the freedom to grow, think outside of the box and fail with support as if they were family. I love it here! “


Operations Manager

Cassie grew up here in Albuquerque, NM and has been with TLC since 2012. In her free time she enjoys traveling and hanging out with her adorable dog, Blanca, and her cat, Patrick.

Medical Interests Surgery and wound care.

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I love working where the staff is treated just as great as the clients and pets are. There is a great family environment here at TLC that makes coming to work fun and enjoyable! I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”


Vet Assistant

Carrie graduated from PIMA Medical Institute in 2013. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Medical Interests: Diet and Nutrition


Vet Assistant

Alex graduated from Brown Mackie College in 2017. He has 2 dogs, Peter and Thumper. He’s interested in video games and the outdoors.

Medical Interests: Radiology, General Practice

Why I like to work at TLC: “I like working at TLC because I love the people I work with. The clientele are all wonderful and understanding. You also can’t beat all the wonderful animals I see on a daily basis!”


Vet Assistant

Camille started as a student in May 2018 and was hired by TLC in July, 2018. Since then, she has been able to enjoy the fun environment and loving animals as well as a kind clientele.

Medical Interests Animal Behaviors / nutrition.


Vet Assistant

Chris has been with TLC since 2014. He started as a kennel tech and has worked his way up to Veterinary Assistant. Animals have always been his passion and he’s thankful for the opportunity to do what he loves. He enjoys hiking and walking with his dog, Lando, hanging out with friends and playing video games and pretty much anything Star Wars related.

Medical Interests: Surgery. Lab work. Dentistry. Radiology.

Chris C. Registered Veterinary Technician

Chris C., RVT

Referral Advocate

Chris has been a Registered Vet Technician (RVT) since 2017. He has been with TLC since 2017 as well. Previously, he was an Infantryman with the Army. He has a lovely wife and three amazing children. He has a dog and a cat who are spoiled and get away with more than his kids. He’s interested in MMA, Hunting, Video Games and Animal training.

Medical Interests: Emergencies, Critical Care, Surgeries and General practice.

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I am respected about my opinion whenever I bring it up to management and understand they will listen and do the best they can to ensure the best care for both clients and employees so that the best possible outcome of experiences between everyone involved is likely to occur. The owner and management shoulder responsibility well of employing protocols for safety and enjoyment

Oliver and cat

Oliver, RVT

RVT - KPA Certified Trainer

Oliver worked in human medicine for eight years before he found his true home in veterinary medicine in 2018. He loves all sports, especially soccer, wrestling and basketball which he plays to this day. Creative projects and yoga are his favorite recreations. His love of teaching and learning will always allow him the patience for a few extra minutes to connect with a client, co-worker or four-legged friend.

Medical Interests: Behavior, dentistry, nutrition

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I like the atmosphere and sense of humor in the clinic. I also like how everyone is willing to learn and grow each week when something is brought to our attention. I also like our scrubs!”




Ja’Mia was born on a military base in Bethesda, MD. She moved to New Mexico in the 4th grade and has lived here ever since. She has a passion for animals and plans on continuing her education in veterinary medicine. Ja’Mia has 1 fur baby named Titus. Ja’Mia is interested in video games, reading and medicine.

Medical Interests: surgery, nutrition and general practice

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I like working for TLC because we are like a family. Everyone gets along pretty well. Also, I love all the cute animals!”


Vet Assistant

Habla Español Gladys graduated from PIMA Medical Institute in the spring of 2019. Caring for animals has always been her passion. She hopes to become a doctor some day. In Gladys’ spare time she enjoys traveling, going on adventurous hikes and we can’t forget…hanging out with her fur baby, Candie.

Medical Interests: Surgery, General practice

Why I like to work at TLC:

“My passion has always been working with animals. I enjoy doing what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything. TLC Pet Hospital has been a fun workplace. We all work extremely hard and together we make an awesome team :)”


Vet Assistant

Riley was born and raised in New Mexico. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2020 with a degree in biochemistry. She loves working with animals and plans to continue her education in veterinary medicine. Riley has two dogs and two chickens! In her spare time she loves creating art and spending time with her animals.

Medical Interests: Surgery, General Practice



Vet Assistant

Amber graduated from CNM in May 2021. She has 3 dogs – Athena, Elsa and Maya – and a cat named Yinny. Dachshund is her favorite breed of dog. She has two kids and enjoys listening to all music genres in her free time.

Medical Interests: General practice and exotics


Jeremiah (JJ)


Jeremiah was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. His whole life he has wanted to be a veterinarian. He started at TLC as an intern. He enjoys being outdoors and playing with his pets. “TLC has taught me so much and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Medical Interests: Surgery, General Practice

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I enjoy working at TLC because everyone here teaches me new things every day and everyone is super supportive. There has not been a day that has gone by where I have not enjoyed working at TLC. I will continue to learn and keep working as hard as I can. Thank you for taking a chance on me TLC!”



Vet Assistant

Habla Español Berenice has two brothers and a sister. She has a husky who is her motivation for continued success in one of her main hobbies which is dogs. She loves taking care of animals which is why she wanted to become a Veterinarian Assistant. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute.

Why I like to work at TLC:

“I love working here at TLC because I am finally doing what I love which is working with animals.”

TLC Pet Hospital


Vet Assistant

Santana has a Chihuahua named Faylene who enjoys cuddles and naps. Santana like to listen to music and go to concerts.

Medical Interests: Surgery

TLC Pet Hospital


Kennel Assistant

Kayla has had many different kinds of animals over the course of her life. Lately she has concentrated on reptiles and has plans to breed them. She has lived in New Mexico for 15 years. And she enjoys video games and anime in her spare time.

Medical Interests: Surgery, general practice and rare illness.

TLC Pet Hospital


Vet Assistant

Taylor was born and raised in upstate New York. Came to New Mexico to be with family and graduated from PIMA Medical Institute in 2021. Taylor has a miniature blue heeler named Pluto that she takes hiking, camping and traveling.

Medical Interests: Surgery, Animal behavior, General practice

TLC Pet Hospital



Jocelyn started in the veterinary field at 18 years old and has had a growing passion for animals every day since. She started as a kennel assistant and has worked her way up to reception. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends (especially my babies MJ and Kiki), being outdoors and traveling.

Medical Interests: Surgeries, Medicine