Dog Training: The Mirror Method

By John Bell Young

Now one of Europe’s most celebrated trainers, NORA VAMOSI-NAGY is a co-founder of the celebrated Mirror Method of dog training. She and her partners have established several raining schools in Budapest, with more to come. What distinguishes Ms. Vamosi-Nagy is the profound degree to which she has taken positive reinforcement training, a view that has made her a leading and much sought after authority in Hungary and throughout Europe.Continue reading

99 Fun Facts About Dogs

  1. All dogs can be traced back 40 million years ago to a weasel-like animal called the Miacis which dwelled in trees and dens. The Miacis later evolved into the Tomarctus, a direct forbear of the genus Canis, which includes the wolf and jackal as well as the dog.
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How To Know If Your Pet Is Ill

How Do You Know if Your Pet is Sick?

Prevention is the medicine. Have your pet fully vaccinated every year; supervise your pet; and provide your pet with a proper diet and adequate exercise.

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Financing Your Pet’s Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising rapidly—not just for you, but for your pet too. Veterinary medical costs are on the rise & many treatments options once available only for humans can now be used on pets. This is great news for the health of your pet, but it may not be so great for your wallet.Continue reading