Preparing your pet for their visit to the Vet

Tips for Cat Owners

  1. We recommend purchasing a carrier that opens from the top and/or has an easily removable top. Pulling or dumping a scared cat from a carrier is stressful.
  2. Place the carrier in a central area of the home at least 3 days prior to your visit. Wipe the carrier with pheromone wipes (Feliway) and place their bed, treats and toys inside. For best results, try keeping the carrier in a quiet location in your home all year round!
  3. When carrying the carrier, use both hands to prevent your cat from being jostled and unbalanced.
  4. When driving, make sure the carrier stays flat and doesn’t tip over.
  5. Cover the carrier to reduce stimuli.
  6. Avoid loud music on the ride over and the way home. Instead, play calming classical music to decrease anxiety.
  7. Speak in a low, calm voice. High pitched praise or reaffirmation often increases anxiety.
  8. If you must wait in the waiting room, face the carrier away from other cats present and place your cat on the seat next to you or on your lap. Never on the floor.
  9. On the day of your visit, if your appointment is in the morning, don’t feed your cat breakfast. If they are hungry, your cat will respond better to food rewards at the veterinary hospital. Cats experience similar endorphin release when eating, like people! (does not apply to diabetic cats.)
  10. If you believe your cat would benefit from an anti-anxiety medication or a natural soothing supplement, please let us know as soon as you arrive.

We hope this helps lessen stress for you and your pet.

we practice fear free veterinary medicine

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