Guinea Pig on a yellow and purple sponge

The holidays often bring new friends with us into the new year. For a Guinea Pig there are some things to keep in mind:

Their habitat is one of their most vital needs. Buy as good of one as you can afford. You will need to establish a play area. Socializing with their owners is an important part of their day, so make time to play. Establish with your vet as soon as possible. We’d love to meet them. Make sure to pet proof your home, this includes interactions with other pets. Lastly,  Establish routines. Your new friend is a creature of habit, make sure to establish routines that are compatible with your lifestyle and their needs.


  • High Quality Food with Vitamin C
  • Bedding (change often)
  • Hay, they require a lot of hay.
  • Water Bottle
  • Dark / Quiet space
  • Clippers for nails
  • Chews

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