Welcome to TLC Pet Hospital’s Pet Corner, we visited TLC Pet Hospital to talk about pet dental health and brushing your dog’s teeth.

We recommend regular Dental Cleanings in combination with frequent brushing of your dog’s teeth and gums. There are water additives, special pet foods and chews that can assist in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

To brush teeth, start by letting them taste the paste, then brush the teeth up and down making sure to get the gum line. Get help from a partner if your pet isn’t cooperative. Brush all the teeth working middle to back on each side. Do your best to get into the back molars. Reward them with a treat that helps fight tartar, chewing and enzymes help reduce build ups.

You can also get a water additive that fights plaque. We offer a special diet that can promote dental health in your pet. Try all of these options Free when you have your next dental cleaning done. Every patient goes home with a trial kit of these great dental aides. Get more tips for your healthy pet here on tlcpethospital.net.

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