Sure, Giving Tuesday is a pretty new concept—but we happen to think it’s also a pretty important one. The idea is quite simple: An entire day dedicated to giving back to others and getting to the true roots of the holiday season. After the mega-shopping weekend many of us just had, Giving Tuesday feels like a breath of fresh air. Here are three easy ways you can spend today giving back to animals in need.

Hug a Dog, Cuddle a Cat. Shelters across the country rely on their volunteers to help keep the animals in their care happy—and that includes some serious cuddling. Whether it’s cozying up with a puppy or taking the time to befriend a skittish kitty, a little love goes a long way when you’re a homeless pet. Changing litter boxes, filing paperwork and scooping poop, are a BIG help for shelter staff, too!

Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. Help us fight to get strong anti-cruelty laws passed on federal, state and local levels as a member of our Advocacy Brigade. When you sign up, we’ll automatically send you important actions you can take. It’s a great way to give back all year long!

Become an ASPCA Guardian. Okay, you kind of knew this ask was coming, but we really hope you’ll consider it. As a non-profit, our team really depends on the small monthly gifts our members provide. They are our backbone. Did we mention you get a really cute calendar and the donation is tax deductible?

Thanks for joining us for Giving Tuesday, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!