Standard office visits are scheduled by appointment. You may schedule an appointment with us by calling 275-3647 or 271-2287. Please inform the receptionist immediately if you feel that your pet is experiencing an emergency. If your pet is new to our facility, please let us know. If there are previous medical records available, we will be more then happy to contact your pet’s previous veterinarian for a complete record, with your permission.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we also offer a drop-off service. If a drop off appointment accommodates your schedule, we do ask that you allow 15 minutes at the time of drop off, so that we may get a complete history of the problem. We wish to be as thorough as possible and a complete history will be necessary. We will complete our examination and any diagnostics that you have authorized of your pet in a timely manner and schedule a pickup time later in the day. If we do find something that should be addressed during the examination period, you will be contacted, informed, and given further diagnostic options.

Mon-Thurs 7:30-7:00
Fri 7:30-6:00
Sat 8-1 & 1:30-4:00