Welcome to TLC Pet Hospital’s Canine Corner. The following is a demonstration how to properly clean your dog’s teeth. While we highly recommend that you maintain a dental maintenance plan for your dog, which may include brushing and special chews, however a full dental cleaning is not likely to be something you want to pursue yourself.

During our dental treatment, your pet will be sedated to reduce anxiety and eliminate unnecessary injury.

Our 6 step regiment includes the following:

    1. Prep and anesthesia
    2. Respiration monitoring
    3. a full set of x-rays
    4. Ultrasonic cleaning
    5. Polish and
    6. Vet Exam

First, we prep your pet with an IV and administer anesthesia. We also place monitors to keep an eye on heart rate and pulse. Once the animal is sedated, we take a full set of X-rays to determine if there are issues not identified during the initial examination.

We then proceed with the teeth cleaning. We use an ultrasound dental instrument that remove tartar and plaque build ups that can lead to gum disease and bone loss.

Just like when you see the dentist for a cleaning, we work through each of their teeth to remove build ups and staining.

Once we have treated all of the teeth, we follow and finish the cleaning with a polish, just like at the dentist’s office.

Finally, the veterinarian verifies the x-rays, does a final oral exam and makes any recommendations for further procedures like extractions.

The condition of your pet’s teeth can deteriorate over time. To prevent surprise costs and maintain your pet’s health, we highly recommend daily dental hygiene for your pet as well as regular cleanings.

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