Anesthetic Procedures

Here is a list of some of the procedures we do:

ACL Repair
Abdominal Exploratory Surgery
Soft Tissue Surgery

Cat Surgery Suite


We are currently equipped to perform all types of soft tissue surgery (Spays/Neuters, tumor removals, exploratory surgery, etc.). We also can perform most orthopedic procedures. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Dental Care

Our dental cleaning procedure is performed under isoflurane anesthesia, one of the safest anesthetic gasses available. Your pet’s entire mouth will be cleaned by a trained staff member using an ultrasonic scaler, polished and then evaluated by the Doctor for missing teeth, fractured teeth, abscesses, and any other abnormalities. If there are any problems identified, you will be contacted to discuss the problems and make the necessary decisions regarding treatment.


Before Dental Cleaning


After Dental Cleaning

We now can do Endoscopies! Dr. Salas can do intestinal biopsies and remove most foreign bodies depending on the size & location.