Play It Cool When It Comes To Pets,
The Holidays are full of pet pitfallsmistletoe

  • No Chocolate. Dogs can be made extremely ill by chocolate. Signs may include hyperactivity and vomiting.
  • Watch Out for Tinsel and String Both Cats and dogs get into wrappings and trimmings for the tree. Do your best to keep these out of animal’s reach.
  • National Mutt Day December 2
    World Wildlife Conservation Day December 4
    Visit the Zoo Day December 27
  • Holiday Plants can be toxic to pets 

Here are some holiday plants that you need to be careful of. They are all toxic to pets and have varying degrees of severity. Vomiting is a common symptom of your pet eating something they shouldn’t have.

  • Christmas Trees and pine needles
  • Poinsettia Plants
  • Lilies and Daffodils
  • Mistletoe and Holly

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