What is Fear Free?

Several of our team members have gone through the Fear Free Certified Professional program.

Utilization of Fear Free methods and protocols leads to better healthcare, satisfied clients and relaxed patients. It also reduces or removes anxiety triggers, which creates an experience that is rewarding and safer for all involved, including your pet(s), you and your veterinary healthcare team.

collie-w-treatsStress can start at home. We encourage you to check out our check-lists to insure that you are doing everything possible to start on the right foot.

Download our Pre-Visit Questionnaire

Tips for Dogs

Tips for Cats

Towels are provided in the waiting room, sprayed with Feliway (pheromone spray) to place in or cover carriers. For dogs we offer bandanas sprayed with Adaptil (pheromone spray) to place on your dog.

we practice fear free veterinary medicine

Help your veterinary team determine the best way to care for your pet’s emotional well being.
Things to consider:

  • Does your pet do better with Mom or Dad?
  • Is your dog more nervous with or without you?
  • Now that your dog is accustomed to the exam room, would you be willing to step out so the Doctor and/or Technician can get the blood drawn? (Maybe you don’t want to see that.)
  • Are you ok staying with your pet?
  • Are you ok rubbing your dog’s head, while we feed them their favorite treat as we do their nail trim or other treatments? O maybe distracting your kitty with a toy or treat?

After your visit, let’s evaluate what worked and didn’t work. Can we do something different for you and your pet? Let’s make a plan for the next visit. Often times it can take a few visits to build up trust.

We encourage you to bring your pet in for a Happy Visit!

  1. Pull into the parking lot, give a treat and go home.
  2. Come up to the door, give a treat and go home.
  3. Come into the waiting room, get lots of treats and love, and then go home.

It’s a process, let us help you!

Some pets may need a little extra help to calm down and that’s OK! We offer anti-anxiety medications and natural supplements to help. Please let us know early if your pet would benefit from this.

Be sure to bring your pet in hungry! We give lots of treats. If your pet is on a specific diet and treats or if they have a favorite treat, please bring it with you. Spray cheese works great!