Providing assistance with Veterinary Care costs

When you visit our donation page on the Veterinary Care Foundation’s website, select “New Mexico” and “TLC Pet Hospital” to make certain the donation goes to the Sweet Fund.

The Sweet Fund

Started by a longtime client of TLC Pet Hospital, the Sweet Fund originally began with her picking up the tab for a family who needed help paying for the veterinary care of their pet. Originally, more of a rainy day fund, we are now reaching out to everyone to let them know they can help too. It’s amazing how small contributions can add up to a meaningful impact in the care of an animal.
sad-doggiePet care can become expensive in an emergency situation and can take unsuspecting families by surprise. We have partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation to expand our program to help more people. We have established a process to apply to receive assistance from the Sweet Fund for low income families faced with emergency vet care.  We are asking you to help us build this fund and help more Albuquerque families receive the vet care they need for their pet.

Made possible by the Veterinary Care Foundation and Patrons like you.