Just like people, pets can experience injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention. It’s a good idea to learn the signs that your pet will need emergency care. Injuries that should be addressed by a veterinarian immediately include bleeding, animal bites, broken bones, and falls or blows such as being struck by a bicycle or car. Behaviors that signify a pet in need of veterinary care include disorientation, lethargy or an inability to wake your pet, shaking or other signs of pain, and straining when trying to urinate or defecate. Additionally, if your pet appears overheated, has a swollen abdomen, experiences seizures, or has trouble breathing, call your veterinarian for care. If your dog or cat has swallowed human medication or any toxic substance such as cleaners, pesticides, or antifreeze, contact a vet immediately and have the container on hand. 

We do except walk-in emergencies or even just a quick call of “I’m on my way!” So we can prepare for your pet.