February – National Pet Dental Month


Did you know?

  1. In pets, dental disease is the 2nd most common disease.
  2. Dental disease often shows up in our pets as early as age 3, we’ve even seen younger come in!
  3. Visual examination reveals only 30% of dental health.
  4. Pets do NEED dental care. Can you imagine years and years of no dental care with your own teeth? Just like us, they will need it throughout their life.
  5. Dogs and cats are fantastic at hiding their pain, regular pet dental care can decrease pain.
  6. Not only does dental care protect our furry family members’ mouth, it protects their heart, liver and kidneys! Thus, providing a longer life!

February is a great time to bring your pet in for a dental exam! During the month of February you can recieve 10% off your entire bill of your pets dental cleaning, including extractions, blood work and any meds that are needed! Give us a call today to schedule for February.  275-3647